Community Low Income Centre  (CLIC)

Mission Statement

  • The Community Low Income Centre is a catalyst for the development and mobilization of Community Resources, to make available social, cultural and economic opportunities to those citizens who otherwise would not have sufficient financial or personal resources to participate in them.

Vision Statement

 To achieve its Mission, the Community Low Income Centre is committed to:

  • Creating an awareness of the existence of poverty in this community;
  • Identifying and making the Public aware of the root causes of Poverty;
  • Identifying areas of service improvement, programming and resources required for the enhancement of the quality of life of those in need;
  • Mobilizing the Community to provide the necessary resources to achieve these ends.

CLIC is: 

  • ​​​A community based volunteer organization
  • An incorporated non profit charitable organization
  • ​A provider of services based on income security, education and employment to  low income individuals and families
  • An advocate for fair and equitable treatment of low income people in the community
  • An advocate for social policy which will help bring about the elimination of poverty
  • ​A catalyst for the development and implementation of programs which will benefit low income members of the community