Canadian Mental Health Association


  • To support and promote the rights of persons with mental illness to maximize their full potential; to promote and enhance the mental health and well being of all members of the community through education, recreation opportunities, advocacy programs and services.
  • We deal directly with community groups, community members, individuals with mental illness and families of consumers. 

Services provided include: 


  • Assistance  with communication between consumers and government agencies or others.  Assists  consumers to articulate their side of an issue when there is an inability or reluctance for them to speak for themselves.  Negotiate terms suitable to their situation or solutions to problems which they are encountering, for example housing issues.


  • Provide information about current and new issues in the field of Mental Health.


  •  Spearhead development of new programs to deal with emerging problems, such as problem gambling and programs for seniors.


  • Provide assistance to help deal with: income tax, legal documents, and social assistance forms, housing needs, family problems and other support services.


  • Staff provide individual and group counselling to assist consumers in overcoming hurdles and facing the ups and downs of daily living and acceptance of their condition.   Regular group counselling sessions are held, which gives people an opportunity to realize that their problems are not unique to themselves, as well as a chance to experience growth among group members over time.

Socialization and Development of Life Skills:

  • Teach the essential skills  necessary to function in society, such as development of routines, getting along with peers, punctuality, good work habits, and maintaining a neat  and clean appearance through involvement in a variety of social, vocational and recreational programs 

Vocational/Pre-Vocational training:

  • Provide an extremely important service to the community through the vocational training program, developing the life skills through the provision of services.  We provide seniors with help in yard maintenance, leaf raking, snow shoveling, refuse hauling, and moving.  We are also is able to enter into an arrangement with the local Livestock Auction for cleaning, and with businesses in Weyburn for snow removal. These activities not only help with life skills development, but also generate funds to keep the program going and some financial assistance to those who have limited finances, due to their illness.

Financial Benefits Include:

  • Free coffee, Free cable TV, Free newspaper, Free laundry, Free exercise equipment, Inexpensive haircuts

Social Benefits:

  • Drop-In Center – there is a place to go for visiting with peers, and sharing successes and challenges.
  • Personal recognition and self-esteem is promoted through Consumer birthday parties, Christmas party and Christmas presents, as well as in group meetings.
  • Access to Recreation facilities which would otherwise be inaccessible because of admission costs or transportation requirements.
  • Safe haven – The Center is a place where mental illness is accepted and dealt with in a compassionate and caring manner.

Immediacy of Response:

  • When help is required, assistance is available quickly without the necessity of appointments, rigid protocols, waiting rooms, and dealing with bureaucratic structures and the stigma of mental illness.

Individual help is present for assistance with:

  • hygiene/incontinence issues, weight concerns, addictions, grocery shopping/ budgeting, dispute settlements, budgeting issues around poverty.

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