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Be sure to send in your Special events to weyburn.unitedway@accesscomm.ca and have them included in all the pre-Communithon advertising.  You can also book the Superheroes to participate in your special event.

Watch for more Special Events.....



Send your special event to  weyburn.unitedway@accesscomm.ca to have it listed on our website and on our Facebook page. 

Perogies, Cabbage rolls, sausage - all the fixings - Friday October 20th 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  at McKenna Hall.  Proceeds for Communithon.
Special Events ideas: 
  • Customer Appreciation Days,Races, Challenges, theme Days,Special Sales, Dime Drives, Hot Dog Days, Toonie or Loonie Competitions
  • Find a product you would like to promote.  Call it your Communithon "item".  Let everyone know that for each unit sold, you will donate something to Communithon.
  • Create a competition amongst your staff - or do some sales competitions, just make sure the public knows what you're doing so they can participate and contribute.
  • Tip jars - put a "tip jar" at your counter which creates a goal for reward.  For example "staff room upgrade".  If $X00 dollars is raised then the "boss" has to buy a new coffee maker/chair, or XXX for the staff room.  Think up something fun!
  • Have a late day fee.  Make a chart which tracks when staff arrives at work.  Charge the last person (or 2) $5.00
Make sure to contact the United Way so we can help advertise your Fun(d)Raising event - and be sure to come to Communithon and present it live on TV.

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