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For over 50 years, Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Inc., formerly known as Canadian Paraplegic Association (Saskatchewan) Inc. supported people with spinal cord injury (and related mobility impairments), and their families and support people, to adjust, adapt and thrive.

The new name, Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Inc., (SCI Saskatchewan) resonates the changing face of spinal cord injury: 

  • There are now as many people living with quadriplegia as with paraplegia.
  • When the Canadian Paraplegic Association was formed by veterans returning from World War II, there were only paraplegics -- quadriplegics rarely survived.  Not so today.
  • Spinal cord injury results from a broader range of causes, such as traumatic accidents, cancer, infection or other spinal disorders.
  • It's not just young risk takers who are impacted -- our aging demographic means more people are suffering injuries in their advanced years.
  • Inclusive of related physical disabilities. 

SCI Saskatchewan continues to provide solutions for full community participation. 

 "Working collaboratively for inclusive communities."


Canadian Paraplegic Association (Saskatchewan) provides consistent, holistic, individualized and quality assured services for persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities  (Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Polio/Post-Polio, Muscular Dystrophy, and Transverse Myelitis).
  • Peer Support-CPA (Saskatchewan) offers “someone who has been there” and who can act as a mentor and role model to encourage and sustain clients through the challenges they face.  
  • Rehabilitation Counselling-Professional counseling services assist individuals in their return to an independent life in the community.  CPA offers continuous support, information, community links and follow-up.
  • Vocational/Employment Counselling-Vocational/Employment Services assist individuals in identifying vocational alternatives and obtaining employment consistent with their values, skills, abilities, and interests.  Employers can also use this service to evaluate work-site accessibility and job accommodation.
  • Case Management/Service Coordination-Case Management services deliver overall coordination for the rehabilitation process, from injury through community integration.
  • Information Services-CPA provides comprehensive and relevant information for clients, their families, employers, community agencies and governments.
  • Community Advocacy-CPA assists communities to identify, reduce and eliminate barriers to full community participation and serves as a leader in the area of education and awareness in the prevention of spinal cord injuries.


Canadian Paraplegic Association (Saskatchewan) Inc.
210 – 4401 Albert Street, Regina, SK  S4S 6B6
Phone: (306) 584-0101 Fax: (306)584-0008
Email: regina@canparaplegic.org
Website: www.spinalcordinjurysask.ca

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