​​​​Inclusion Weyburn


  • To ensure that individuals from Weyburn and area who have intellectual disabilities are valued, supported and included members of the community, and have opportunities and choices in all aspects of life.

"Fun in the Sun" Summer Day Camp

  • Our organization helps children aged 6-12 who have intellectual disabilities by making it possible for them to participate in a popular summer day camp in Weyburn. "Fun in the Sun" is run by the Weyburn Leisure Centre. Starting this summer, 2018, our organization is providing the supports required for these children to attend this camp. We will hire one-on-one staff, purchase equipment, and adapt activities so that they can have a fun and safe time at the camp along with their peers. The manager of the Weyburn Leisure Centre, Tina Clay, has been very helpful and supportive of this new partnership. We are thankful for her caring and willingness to make this work!

Informational Meetings

  • We organize informational meetings for parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in the well being of people who have intellectual disabilities. Here, they can gather information on supports that are available through local organizations right here in Weyburn as well as programs and opportunities that are available to them through the provincial body of the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living. Weyburn SACL provides childcare so parents can attend the meetings without distractions!

Family Swim Times

  • Families are invited to join us at the Weyburn Leisure Centre for a fun one hour family swim time four times throughout the year. Weyburn

SACL books and pays for pool rental which includes lifeguards. People who have intellectual disabilities are sometimes overwhelmed by noise and crowds, so having a quiet pool time like this can make for a fun swim.

Yellow Bins

  • The Weyburn Branch of SACL collects used clothing and household items in two yellow bins which are located in the parking lot of Zion Lutheran Church. A truck comes twice a month to pick these articles up then takes them to be sold. The proceeds from this come back to our Weyburn Branch of SACL, helping us to help people with intellectual disabilities in our community. So, we are helping citizens of Weyburn to recycle and help fund our cause. It's a win-win! We are thankful to Zion Lutheran Church for giving us space in their parking lot for the bins. We are also thankful to the many good people of Weyburn who have helped us by donating their used items to the bins.

Respite Care

  • Our plan for the near future is to develop a list of respite caregivers. This will be made into a booklet that can be given to parents and caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities. It will be a huge help for families, as it gives them opportunities for much needed breaks.

Since joining the provincial body of the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living in March of 2017, we are learning about great activities that exist in other communities, and we want to develop similar opportunities that will support Weyburn citizens who have intellectual disabilities. In time, our list of programs is expected to grow, and we're excited about that!