​​Saskatchewan Abilities Council 


  • To provide and assist optimal independence and active participation in all aspects of society for people with disabilities.

Services & activities include:

  • Sponsorship of persons attending Camp Easter Seal
  • Farmers with Disabilities program support - for those who through accident or disease have become disabled, but wish to continue farming. 
  • Adaptive Technology Services program  which helps people with disabilities to increase their independence using electronic technology.  The technologist meets with the client to determine the adaptive technology that will best meet his or her needs.
  • Technologists offer an educational workshop in Weyburn for teachers, parents, and guardians of people with disabilities.  This workshop helps them to understand the computer software available for people with disabilities. 

The Saskatchewan Abilities Council operates a depot in Regina for the loan or sale of Special Needs Equipment to help people with disabilities remain independent in their own homes. ​