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Please note that announcers will be interrupting performances approximately every 10 minutes to remind the audience of phone numbers or other announcements about Communithon.
Please plan your performance to accommodate this. 

Communithon 2017 Entertainment Form

This is a school performance to be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Group/Individual Entertainers Name *

Each classroom or entertainment group must fill out a separate application.

Contact Person *

Email *
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Cell Phone

Preferred Phone *

Type of Act *
Short Bio of the Performers *
This information is critical for the Announcers and the Producer. You must enter ALL the information that the Announcers can use to talk about your performance.
Title of Song #1
This is for the Announcers - please give the information about the song.
Title of Song #2
This is information for the Announcers

Additional Song titles that you will be prepared to perform if requested by the Entertainment Committee Or Information about the entertainment you will be performing.

Additional Information *
The Entertainment Committee will contact you regarding the length of your performance
Equipment you will need United Way to supply for your performance. (This cannot be left blank - tell us if you don't need anything.) *
This includes the number of microphones you will need, microphone stands, stools, CD players, etc. If you are using taped music please note the information in the next section.
Equipment you are bringing to Communithon. This cannot be left blank. Tell us if you don't need anything for your performance. *
This includes everything you need for your performance. If you are using taped music please bring it to Communithon on a separate CD with the music taped in the order you will perform it.
I agree that my picture may be used by the Weyburn and District United Way for promotional purposes. *
 I agree 
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